“There Is No MiLB Network”


  by @DimTillard

  • Major League Baseball has 30 stadiums across America, with 162 game seasons, and is the national pastime.  Minor League Baseball has almost 200 stadiums across America, with 140 game seasons, and is also the national pastime.
  • But before players become Big League All-Stars, almost all of them play in “the bushes“.  It’s made up of different levels.  Rookie ball, low A, high A, AA, and AAA.  The minors is a journey that hopefully leads to every kid’s dream of playing in the majors.
  • Not everyone has the unique opportunity and privilege to play professional baseball, but fans that attend games are given a tiny glimpse.  A glimpse of the minor leagues, and its cast of characters.

From the top pitching prospect with four pitches, to the left-fielder who dives for everything.  The veteran shortstop who salts post-game spread, to the catcher who crushes Pedialyte during day games.

From the Latin player who speaks perfect English, to the Latin player who doesn’t know Spanish.  The flame-throwing bearded closer who makes it look easy, to the baby face starter who frustrates hitters using smoke and mirrors.

From the right-fielder who spends an hour putting pine tar on his bat only to break it during first AB, to the utility player (slash) team barber.  The hitting coach who still drops bombs, to the strange side-arm relief guy.

From the pitcher who has a story for everything, to the “stat rat” who knows how many hits he needs to get to .300.  The center-fielder who fires missiles into home, to the unsung hero bullpen catcher.

From the third-baseman who’s always covered in dirt, to the player who knows every organizational move as soon as it happens.  The lefty who speaks in movie quotes, to the pitching coach who says he was the best at backing up bases.

From the player with a cup of coffee and starts every sentence with “In the show…”, to the veteran pitcher who hydrates with coffee and ibuprofen.  The trainer who says “ice and stim”, to the pitcher who thinks he can hit.

From the “skipper” who gets the best out of his team, to the strength coach who stretches while organizing the 10am gym bus.  The starting pitcher who has the newest and flashiest spikes, to the position player with 37 pieces of flare.

From the clubhouse guy that cleans 25 pairs of spikes every day, to the alien/animal hybrid mascot that scares small children.

It’s all part of the wonderful melting pot known as Minor League Baseball.

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5 thoughts on ““There Is No MiLB Network”

  1. Thanks for the insight, Tim. I also enjoyed reading “Where Nobody Knows Your Name” by John Feinstein. Side note: plenty folks have visiting all 30 MLB ballparks on their bucket list… but how many have visiting all minor league stadiums on that list? Or even all AAA or AA ballparks?

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  2. Thanks Tim. I appreciate the ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse. I enjoyed the MiLB videos as well. We are hoping to get a minor league team in my town in May. We hope to be at most games. Enjoy the off-season.

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