“Wear It”

 wear it yeah

by @DimTillard

  • The term “wear it” means “too bad” or “things didn’t go your way”.  Nobody is immune to it, life is filled with it.  And it’s not any different in baseball.
  • In Minor League Baseball, the safe bet (used loosely, betting is prohibited under rule 21) is to go ahead and pretty much assume very little will happen in your favor.  That way there’s no surprise or disappointment, only excitement when something great happens.  It’s not pessimistic, it’s just unnecessary expectations.
  • Complaining, whining, yelling, screaming, ranting, grumbling, pointing, pouting, boiling, blaming, bellyaching; doesn’t change anything.
  • Sometimes… in baseball… you just have to……

There’s a 6 hour bus trip, followed by a home day game… “wear it”.

Ran out of post-game spread before everyone could eat… “wear it”.

Facing the best hitting team in the league, and the umpire is key holing… “wear it”.

Hotel checkout is at noon, and the bus is at 3:00pm… “wear it”.

Up to bat with the bases loaded, and there’s a fastball inside… “wear it”.

Extra innings, and your road roomy snores like an elderly wildebeest… “wear it”.

Thrown out stealing second, and tear a hole in your sick game pants… “wear it”.

Official scorer says no error, run was earned… “wear it”.

Scoring on your base hit was changed; Reached On Error… “wear it”.

You have an unflattering Frank the Tank photo on the Jumbotron… “wear it”.

Whole bus is sleeping with legs blocking the aisle; you sat near the front and hydrated too much… “wear it”.

Bullpen guy with the least amount of time, is in charge of the pink unicorn backpack… “wear it”.

Found out from Twitter and not the manager you’re being sent down… “wear it”.

Barreled a fastball… into your ankle… “wear it”.

There’s plenty of peanut butter, but we’re all out of bread… “wear it”.

Without asking for help, the umpire says you went around… “wear it”.

Noisemaker Giveaway Night… “wear it”.

Just threw 4 straight balls to the pitcher… “wear it”.

Something’s wrong with the non-existent clubhouse wi-fi… “wear it”.

Getaway day with 100% chance of scattered thunderstorms… “wear it”.

There’s one deck of cards, and the 6 of clubs is missing… “wear it”.

Roommate snuck out, and your alarm clock didn’t go off… “wear it”.

Got called down on the road, and all your underwear is dirty… “wear it”.

The name on your uniform is misspelled… “weer it”.

“Keep on… keep trucking, you know?”

*5 of 16*

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