“Same Seats, Same Thoughts”

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by @DimTillard

  •  Michael Scott on The Office once said, “I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little stitious”.  Baseball players are famous for their superstitions.  Whether it’s a purposeful jump over the chalk line, or an athletic supporter that’s never seen laundry detergent; “routines” are commonplace in baseball.
  • For many players these superstitions start in the Minor Leagues, and are necessary.  A random superstition can spawn from any player at any time. (usually after a great game)  Some superstitions are seemingly normal, and some… some are just plain strange.

Normal:  A starting pitcher who eats chicken parmesan or homemade pancakes before each start because, “What else would I eat?”.

Strange:  A utility infielder who will only pinch-hit in turf shoes because, “it distracts the catcher”.

Normal:  A player who refuses to wear white shoelaces because, “only Big Leaguers should be allowed”.

Strange:  A pitcher who pours all his sunflower seeds in water before eating them because, “it washes off all the sodium chloride”.

Normal:  A shortstop who listens to the same song before every game because, “it gets my mind right”.

Strange:  A left-handed pitcher who wears only stirrups because, “Nolan Ryan only wore stirrups”.

Normal:  A closer who spots and names a pebble on the mound because, “helps me stay focused”.

Strange:  A player who keeps a $1 bill in his uniform pocket because, “dude, you never know when you’ll need a dollar”.

Normal:  A veteran player who shaves freshly before every game because, “I want scouts to mistake me for a young prospect”.

Strange:  A third base coach who must touch third base before the first pitch of the inning because, “it’s none of your business why I do it”.

Normal:  An outfielder who triple knots the shoelaces on his spikes because, “I’m afraid of tripping out there”.

Strange:  A batter neatly folding his batting gloves before throwing them in the trash because, “they don’t have hits in them”.

Normal:  A starting pitcher who must wear a different Star Wars or Bruce Lee shirt everyday in the clubhouse because, “I dare you to find a better shirt”.

Strange:  A position player who tapes his broken bat back together and uses it for his next AB because, “Now it’s ready to give me hits”.

Normal:  A pitcher who wears full uniform hours before the game starts because, “I’m getting used to how it feels”.

Strange:  A bullpen pitcher who smells the inside of his hat before taking the field because, “it smells like baseball and old crusty sweat”.

Normal:  The reliever who must have one piece of Winterfresh gum and one piece of Big Red gum before taking the mound because, “if you try it, you’ll know why”.

Strange:  A middle-infielder who named his game glove because, “he es my fren”.

“Is very bad to steal Jobu’s rum… is very bad.”

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