“Welcome To Club House”

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by @DimTillard

  • Every clubhouse in Minor League Baseball enjoys the wonderful and stirring sound of music (not the movie).  There is however an art to clubhouse tunes.

For instance:

  • NO country music before a baseball game.  It can distract players from the upcoming task with its steel guitars and lyrics of inebriation.
  • NO R&B before a game.  There’s a time and a place for slow baby-making music.
  • NO heavy metal before a game.  This can be energetic and angry, but quickly becomes exhausting.
  • NO classical music.  Sorry Bach.  Sorry Bay Toven.
  • NO kids bop.  (not entirely sure what this is, but was encouraged to include it in the list of “no’s”)

Clubhouse DJ’s are not appointed.  It must be earned.  However, one bad song and a player could be labeled for life. (baseball is notorious for labels) (Rascal Flatts Randy, Boys 2 Mendoza, Backstreet Bradley, MMBotts, all one-time offenders)

Training room music is ALWAYS separate from the music in the rest of the clubhouse. (when available)  And the medical trainer is the only DJ. (music drowns out griping athletes)

Some players put headphones on and enjoy their own personal pre-game playlist. (unintentional alliteration)  Others, to build camaraderie, interact by dancing or singing to the jamming clubhouse music. (clapping and free-styling may also occur)

Day games.  Day games can be tricky.  With people fresh out of bed and a bit out of the normal routine, the right music can set the right tone.  Easy-on-the-ears listening such as a Bob Marley, or the Pandora station 80’s Cardio can ease teammates into the day. (finish reading this blog, share it, comment on it, then favor yourself with a listen to 80s Cardio)

Mind Bottling.  Ivan Pavlov (physiologist from your middle school text book) did a study with K-9’s.  He’d ring a bell before feeding his pack of dogs.  Eventually, he could just ring the bell, and the dogs would begin to salivate in anticipation of what follows.  And so it is with a set playlist before a baseball game.

Players hearing the same handful of songs, in the same order, before every game, can trigger a response.  In place of salivating, players instead are placed into a game-ready state-of-mind. Thus producing a top level of performance. (this has in no way been 100% unproven)

Final Warnings:

  • If a player works up the courage to plug his phone/playlist into the clubhouse speakers he must “Airplane Mode” first.  An easy way to receive a 25-game suspension from the stereo, is to have text messages going off during your music mix.
  • Stick to the basics: Soundtrack Sunday, Classic Monday, Techno Tuesday, Reggae Wednesday, Top Pop Thursday, Flashback Friday, Salsa Saturday (muy bueno)

“We’re gonna dance to one song, and one song only: ‘Lady Humps’ by the Black Eyed Peas.”

“No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative…”

*9 of 16*

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