“Sunday, Funday, No Run Day”


by @DimTillard

  • In the movie Groundhog Day, Rita asks Phil Conners “Do you ever have deja vu?”
  • Phil responds, “Didn’t you just ask me that?”
  • Most baseball players don’t know what day it is. (BING!)
  • Even more don’t know the calendar date. (BING again!)
  • Days run together in baseball, and it’s hard to differentiate one from the other.
  • Minor League day:  wake, eat, field, dress, stretch, throw, run, hit, shag, eat, uniform, game, eat, change, shower, leave, sleep.  Wake…
  • The only “curveball” (ha) thrown into this daily groundhog experience is Sun… wait for it… Day!  SUNDAY.

Sundays vary from the rest of the week.  Not only is it the first day of the week, (that’s right, it isn’t Monday) but also means a different schedule.  Typically an earlier start time for the game, and usually a SHOW & GO.

Baseball Chapel.  The Baseball Chapel organization has been appointing leaders around professional baseball for 35 years.  Usually held in dugouts, all players, coaches, and staff have the opportunity to participate if they choose.  Besides each team and umpire’s chapel, one is also held for ballpark workers such as ushers, security crew, and front office personnel. (this may be the only church players can attend over a 5 month season)

“What time’s chapel?”  In just 15 minutes chapel leaders proclaim Jesus Christ, share the Word (Bible), encourage hearts, and take prayer requests.  They will share faith, conversations, devotions, books, lunches, and homes. (players and families in-between apartments or just in need, have been taken in by leaders)

“It’s OK, I’m a limo driver!”  A vast majority of chapel leaders are not compensated.  Their time and effort is juggled along with their job.  High school football coach, lawyer, preacher, secret service agent, teacher, youth pastor, police officer.  They have wives, children, commitments, lives.  Yet, chapel leaders are ready to serve the baseball community any way they can.

With no batting practice and no conditioning on Sundays, players enjoy a more laid back time before the first pitch.  Mostly card playing, optional (mandatory) cage work, Clash of Clans, and watching daytime MLB baseball.  That is correct.  Minor League players watch Major League baseball.  (you want to get better, watch the best in the world play it)

Eye Flare or Face Swag is abundant on these sun field games.  A position player must decide on sunglasses or eye black.  If shades, then what color frame?  And what type of lens?  If eye black, then how much is the right amount?  A Tebow amount or a Harper amount? (noted: some position players burn the end of a cork and use the ash to make eye black)

“SUN’S OUT, GUNS OUT!”  Undershirts seem to be optional. (must be part of the whole “Funday” thing)  Going jersey only will not only keep players cool, but also gives the advantage of an unusual V neck tan line. (use sunscreen abundantly…on upper chest)

[To donate or find out more about Baseball Chapel go to www.baseballchapel.org ]

“It’s too hot for a penguin to be just walkin’ around here.”

*10 of 16*

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