“Milk Was A Bad Choice”


by @DimTillard

  • Nutrition in the Minor Leagues is a challenge.  With constant travel (refer to travel blog entry) eating healthy sometimes takes a back seat.
  • Ideally, every player would love a well-balanced great tasting meal.  In reality, McDonald’s is across the street. (and if the McRib is there, OH boy!)
  • Gas station food on long rides or “road” pizza after the last game of a series is pretty standard.
  • “Do the peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!”

There isn’t a clubhouse in Minor League Baseball that doesn’t have peanut butter and jelly.  Somebody somewhere once said, “We need a place where players can privately dress into their uniforms… and have unhindered access to peanut butter and jelly!”

“You can’t spell it, but it eats pretty good, don’t it?”  In the clubhouse, the clubhouse manager or clubbie is the orderer, preparer, cooker, or maker of the food players eat.  The food can vary from stadium to stadium.  Whether it’s Meatball Monday, Taco Tuesday, or Fish Friday it’s always winner, winner chicken dinner!

Baseball players LOVE the bars!  Nutrition bars, breakfast bars, protein bars, fruit bars, energy bars, granola bars.  These are in every backpack, trainers bag, suitcase, ball bag, candy bag, pocket, batting glove, face. nom nom nom

Meal money.  Meal money is the amount of cash given to a player by the organization for a road trip.  In the Big Leagues meal money for an away trip could pay a month’s house mortgage.  In the bushes, meal money’s about $25 a day.  This money is used daily for breakfast and lunch, and visiting clubhouse dues.

At any given time at a visiting team’s hotel, “random” athletic males can be seen aimlessly walking around looking for food. (some players believe team hotels are purposefully put next to Waffle Houses)

Health conscience players, for a fresh place to eat, love to find that “hole in the wall” restaurant.

  • Lenny’s Restaurant in Clearwater has the best danishes outside of Danish country.
  • Donut’s and More in Jackson Tennessee is filled with friendly faces, and donuts that could give a severe beating to all other donuts.
  • Port of Call in New Orleans, with its crazy atmosphere, has a juicy cheeseburger you’d slap a crawfish for.
  • Bricktown Candy Co. in Oklahoma has every vintage candy you can remember, plus every soft drink ever made. (soda, coke, pop, cola, soda pop, depends on where you’re from)
  • Beach Berry Yogurt in Pensacola reminds you that you CAN put Swedish Fish, Sour Warheads, and Fruit Loops on top of yogurt.

Milk of the chocolate variety has been proven to be the best recovery drink after a game or strenuous activity. (“it’s science”)

Not a bad idea.

“Who’s the dead man that hit me with the salt shaker?”

*12 of 16*

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