“The Game Within The Game”

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by @DimTillard

  • On-Field Promotions are abundant and popular around Minor League Baseball.
  • At every level across the country, some exciting things are happening during games.  However, the excitement is not always from the game itself, but in-between innings.
  • Each stadium features it’s own “promos” that are interesting and clever.
  • On-Field Promotions can range from “Hilarious” to “You’re not even trying”.

(*names and places have been removed at no one’s request)

Weiner Cannoninning can vary – [The Promo Team will ride around the warning track in a golf cart, firing high-powered hot dogs from a cannon into a screaming crowd.] – PRIZE: is a delicious (half-destroyed) hot dog

Frozen T-Shirt Challengemid 2nd inning – [On top of a dugout, two kids are given t-shirts that have been frozen solid.  They race to unfold it and put it on.] – PRIZE: is the wet mangled t-shirt

Dirtiest Car In The Parking Lotinning can vary – [Stadium interns will scour the parking lot looking for the dirtiest car, and most negligent automobile owner.  That vehicle will have it’s license plate read over the PA.] – PRIZE: is, you guessed it, a car wash

Hamster Racemid 3rd inning – [Two contestants are trapped in clear plastic bubbles and forced to race from foul pole to coaches’ box.] – PRIZE: is usually an official team logo t-shirt (one size fits some)

The Dice Gameinning can vary – [Hoping for a “7” or “11”, one lucky adult gets to push 2 giant dice (die?) out of the press box window.  The die (dice?) roll down the bleacher net, and land safely on the field behind home plate.] – PRIZE: is a free buffet at a local casino

Grand Prize Gamemid 4th inning – [A kid twelve or under attempts to throw ping-pong balls into buckets.  At arm’s length away, there are three buckets just nailed to a 2X4.] – PRIZE: is (no joke) the Self-Esteem Board Game

Kiss Caminning can vary – [Jumbo Tron cameras find couples around the stadium and project them on the large screen.  With the caption “Kiss Cam”, the two individuals will smooch away.  Usually ends with a heart shaped shot of two teammates of the visiting team.] – PRIZE: is a chance for approved PDA

Superhero Racemid 5th inning – [Kids six and under dress in superhero costumes and race around the warning track from dugout to dugout, while high-fiving players.] – PRIZE: is a sporting goods gift card

Serta Strike Out Inninginning can vary – [Fans who entered the drawing at the gift shop, hope that the home team pitcher will strike out the side.] – PRIZE: is a brand new mattress (no pitcher needs this added pressure)

Balloon Battle – mid 6th inning – [Just before last call, two adult couples are brought on to race each other.  One at a time they are to pop three balloons on their significant other without using their hands.] – PRIZE: is 2 tickets to a future game and dignity

Hooters Home-Run Inninginnings can vary – [If the home team hits a home-run everyone in section DD wins!] – PRIZE: is a coupon for free wings

Dizzy Bat Racelater innings – [Before last call, two intoxicated adults are given a bat.  With one end on the ground, they place their foreheads on the other end , and attempt to spin.  After spinning 10 times around they race to the finish line.] – PRIZE: is a taxi home

“At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.”

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