“Loogie McLoogerson”

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by @DimTillard

spit – verb – spat or spittingto eject saliva from the mouth; expectorate

  • All across baseball, in every dugout, in every country, there are players ejecting saliva.  “Spit Happens”
  • This epidemic has been the center of many articles and much debate.  The FBI was once rumored to be involved, said one official who declined to give a name.
  • SO, “Why do baseball players spit so much?”
  • When seeking answers into something so common-place and seemingly pointless, the seeker must pose various theories.  In doing this, it is plausible that one or more of the theories could in fact be true.

Rebel Without a Cause.  In the 1864 edition of Beadle’s Dime Base-Ball Players rule book, there is a provision stating:  “ungentlemanly behavior, such as spitting or cursing, was subject to a fine by the arbiter”  Obviously the rules have changed, evolved, and continue to be revised even to this day. (new play-at-the-plate rule?)

  • SO, “Why do baseball players spit so much?”  A very real answer could be that they’re continuing to rebel against an old rule from 150 years ago.(still raging against that machine)

Outdoors.  Unlike some sports, the game of baseball is not restricted to indoor play. And, with the exception of one, players aren’t wearing masks like in football. (masks could potentially hinder the trajectory of the spittle)

  • SO, “Why do baseball players spit so much?”  With the freedom of being in nature, one possibility could simply be because… they can. (wear it basketball, wear it chess)

Competition is found everywhere.  Whether it’s playing Mario Kart 64 against your spouse, or staring down Albert Pujols at the plate, baseball players are unrelenting in the pursuit of winning.

  • SO, “Why do baseball players spit so much?”  For sport, players could easily just be aiming at selected “targets” on the ground.

Grip and dirt.  Baseballs are easy to throw for players.  However, accuracy is vital in the process of climbing through the Minors on the way to the Top.  To help with more efficient control, some players consistently lick their fingers for a better grip or tack.

  • SO, “Why do baseball players spit so much?”  Coming into contact with unsanitary items such as: gloves, bats, grass, helmets, lucky 4-month old hat, a player may be naturally and unconsciously spitting out the dirt.

 Oral para-functional habit. (thanks wiki)  This is simply using the mouth for things unrelated to eating, drinking, or speaking. (gum, seeds, tobacco)  They can relieve stress as game intensity rises and falls.  In similar anxieties, a person may bite fingernails or chew on the end of a writing pen.  Okay, here we go.

  • SO, “Why do baseball players spit so much?”  All this jumbo-mumbo could mean, because of game activity, and limited nail and pen access, players resort to a handless form of mouth nervousness.

Monkey see monkey do.  Players are together everyday for the better part of 6 months.  Has someone you’re talking too ever yawn, and then suddenly you start yawning?

  • SO, “Why do baseball players spit so much?”  Just maybe, the 1st day of spring training, a player happens to spit… and it just takes off!

(could just be allergies)

“Boy, that escalated quickly… I mean, that really got out of hand fast.”

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One thought on ““Loogie McLoogerson”

  1. Thanks, Tim. Mystery solved! I’m also convinced there’s a male spitting gene that women lack. Of course that hot-shot Little League girl pitcher can put that theory to the test. She obviously doesn’t “throw like a girl” so maybe she can spit like a champ too.

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