“Remember, Remember The First Of September”

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by @DimTillard

  • A Minor League season is a grind.  There are ups, downs, lefts, rights, (B A start?)
  • From April to September, a player acquires a horde of important information. (hope you remembered 60-day notice on your apartment)
  • Players learn essentials, like:  what kind of a player he is, what it takes to endure a full season, and which shower head has the best water pressure at every stadium.
  • But the count down to the last and final game is also jam-packed with excitement!

Good Season?  The end of a Minor League season could be just the beginning.  With Major League rosters expanding September 1st, some players could be rewarded with a well deserved Call-Up.  Tired?  Nope.  Ready to play?  100 percent! (“Hundred P!”)

Bad Season?  At the end of a nightmare summer, players just want to go home.  After all the battling physically and mentally, the perfect remedy could be just a hug from a family member. (and napping for a week)

Playoffs?  You kidding me?  Playoffs?”  Playoffs are special.  Some guys play ten years in pro ball, and never get the chance to step into a playoff atmosphere.  It completely starts over from the beginning.  It’s like the RESET button on a Nintendo.  Everything is fresh, the mind is rejuvenated, and nothing that came before it matters anymore.  Playoffs are special.

“¿Estás jugando pelota invernal?”  If you can read this, the answer is probably “yes”.  The end of a Minor League season for Latin players just means break time or tiempo de descanso.  Winter League baseball is another season right around the corner.  Donde?  Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and… Australia?

Prospect?  Congratulations you’re a prospect!  Now, go pack for Arizona.  The Fall League is for players “on the radar” who get to show their talents.  GM’s, scouts, and other front office members get a first hand look at the next wave of future Big Leaguers.  The competition is tough, but makes great players even better.

Will you marry me… in the offseason?”  The baseball life is definitely a challenge.  That’s why there’s a plethora of offseason weddings for baseball players.

  • “How about a spring wedding?”
  • “Sorry honey, we have spring training.”
  • “Okay, what about September?”
  • “Well, what if the team makes playoffs?”
  • “When’s a good time?”
  • “How about somewhere between… November and February?  Glad that’s settled.  Love you.  Gotta get on the bus now, call you later.”

Friends Forever.”  For over half a year, teammates have been a close-knit family sharing everything.  The walk-off celebrations, the nightmarish defeats, long travel days, apartments, meals, clubhouses, equipment, hotels, stories, dugouts.  The tendency for the last game of the season is a time to pack-up, bro-hug, and then… NOT speak to each other for 6 months.  No texts, visits, calls, letters. (who sends letters anymore?)  The reason for the total-cut-off from your baseball family is simple:

In spring training, you gotta have something NEW to talk about.

“Brothers don’t shake hands.  Brothers gotta hug!”

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