“Dog And A Beer”

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by @DimTillard

  • Watching a baseball game is exciting.
  • But watching baseball AND dipping a giant hot dog in nacho cheese, while cracking peanuts, and not spilling a drop of beer?  Well now that makes the game even better!
  • Baseball food is special, and there’s a special place in my heart for it. (that place is probably my arteries)  I love it!  I think it should be it’s own food category, like Mexican food, pasta, Pad Thai, or vegetables.
  • Growing up with a dad as a Minor League coach, baseball park food was all around.

Cracker Jack.  Cracker Jacks scream baseball.  I mean it’s part of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” for typing out loud!  And yes I know the “prize” has gotten lamer and lamer over the years, resulting to just a small sticker.  However, years ago the prizes were pretty sweet.  You’d tear open a box and be welcomed by a unique knick-knack, or trinket, or maybe find a coin, a compass, or a whistle.  All collectable, and all memorable! (stupid choking hazards)

Hot Dogs.  $0.50 Hot Dog Nights are some of my favorite nights.  My first was in South Bend, Indiana in 1988.  I had saved up my shoeshine money for just such an occasion.  Several dollars later I was delightfully nauseous! (and surrounded by crumpled tin foil)

Peanuts!  THE original ballpark food that never gets old.  They’re a staple of concession stands all over the country.  As a player, peanuts are easily acquired from an eager fan or vendor for the price of a baseball. (and a most sought after bullpen item during extra-inning ballgames)

MLB Sundae Helmets.  A small plastic helmet filled with ice cream?  Genius.  By the end of 1992 I had eaten a lot of ice cream to find ALL those mini helmets.  I had every Major League team!  Then in 1993 the Marlins and Rockies messed that up.

Twinkie?  One of my top eleven days on earth came in 1994.  Twinkie Night was at the ballpark!  In all it’s glory, it’s exactly what you’d think… ALL you can eat Twinkies!  I did.  I ate all I could eat.  And since Twinkies aren’t an everyday ballpark food, like a squirrel, I hoarded and stored some in the clubhouse. (there may STILL be some hidden somewhere)

Super Ropes.  34 satisfying inches of red licorice!  Outside of a baseball field, I’m not sure I’d want to wrangle with almost 3 feet of candy.  But inside a baseball field, it’s socially acceptable!  This delicious ballpark treat can also easily fit under a team jacket in a dugout or bullpen. (discrete nibbles through the collar or sleeve work best)

These days, stadiums all over the country have put their own wonderful twist on unique and scrumptious ballpark food.  Many blog articles can attest to this:  Best Baseball Stadium FoodInsane Stadium FoodsUnreal Foods; Food Fight;  NOW My TURN!

My (should be) INVENTED Ballpark Foods:

  • Three-Base Buffet:  A tray of 18 doughnut holes equipped with 3 separate dipping compartments filled with frosting, chocolate, and sprinkles.  (served with a wax-paper glove for no-mess eating)
  • The Pop-Up:  An extra large souvenir team cup filled with fresh popcorn, and topped with bacon and chocolate.  Not for the faint of heart.  (allows for one-handed consumption)
  • The Basebrat Glove:  A circular tray of 5 brats that form a glove.  With sauerkraut acting as the “glove’s” webbing.  And in the center of this masterpiece, beer sauce and brown mustard dipping cups.  (ideal for communal dining)
  • The Athletic Cup-O-Weinies:  A pretzel bowl filled with mini hot dogs and smothered in nacho cheese.  Accompanied with a baseball bat shaped toothpick to stab and chomp.

 “If you build it, they will come.”


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