NAME:  Tim Dillard

SELF-DESCRIPTION:  Christian, Husband, Father, Occasional Baseball Player

HEIGHT:  Unfamiliar with metric system

LIFE:  Born in Florida, attended high school & college in Mississippi, currently living in Tennessee.

BASEBALL LIFE:  Over 14 professional seasons I’ve played on baseball teams in: Arizona, Montana, Wisconsin, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Mexico, Pennsylvania, Venezuela, and Colorado.

BESTEST MOVIE EVER:  The Empire Strikes Back

GRAMMER LEVEL:  Below the nationol average

HOBBIES:  Tweeting pointless things on twitter / making Dubsmash videos for Instagram / other crap on YouTube / and I collect movie stubs.

mIlb NETWORK:  Follows the adventures of the 2016 Milwaukee Brewers minor league AAA affiliate, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox!

INTERESTS:  Interacting with cool people around the world through social media… so make sure to follow and comment. (insert self-promotion emoji)



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